Tertiary Applications

The following dates are a general indication only, you MUST check out specific deadline dates for yourself.

  • 1st August – 1st October – Hostel applications.
  • August/September/October – Deadlines for special application requirements e.g. auditions, portfolios.
  • September/October – Many Scholarships have deadlines in these months.
  • In September Polytech applications usually open. Courses often fill up on a first come, first served basis. Most Polytechs do not post application deadline dates.
  • October to December – This is the time your university application should be made. Offers of a place are initially made conditional on you achieving the entry requirements.
  • Mid-December – StudyLink applications need to be in.

References for scholarship and tertiary applications

Your Dean is the person in the school to contact for a school reference.  First ask your Dean if she is prepared to write a reference for you. If the Dean agrees, then it is a good idea to give the Dean a copy of your CV or a list of your school successes and activities.

Ask in advance of the deadline. Dean’s need time to complete the large number of requests that they receive.

Certified copies of documents

Tertiary institutions may request evidence of New Zealand residency, your birth certificate or some other form of identity. Do not send original documents to a provider. Rather, send a certified copy. Some providers list the school Principal as someone with authority to certify documents.  If this is the case then you need to give the Principal the original plus a photocopy to certify.

Some Government organisations accept a RealMe account instead of certified copies.