STAR (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resourcing) funding allows us to purchase short courses from Polytechs and private training providers to allow you to build qualifications and vocational pathways.

This is an excellent resource available for students. It assists with career or subject choices and is especially useful for students that cannot be catered for within the traditional school curriculum.

STAR particularly benefits students who are at risk of not achieving or making a smooth transition. To learn more about this and to identify whether you may qualify for a course please think about the following questions and then make an appointment with the Transition Office.

Think through these questions:

  1. Do I have any internal assessments during the course? Attending a STAR course is not a valid reason for an assessment extension.
  2. How will my attendance impact my other school subjects?
  3. Will the course build skills that I need for my vocational pathway?
  4. Will I turn up every day of the course? (Course costs are met by St Mary’s. Many courses are expensive. We take a dim view of students who book a course and then don’t attend. It wastes our limited funding and denies another student an opportunity.)
  5. Have you checked out what you will gain from the course? For example, what Level are the credits and how many will you gain.

Sometimes places on STAR courses are oversubscribed so we prioritise applications using the following Ministry of Education guidelines:

  • Senior students who are at risk of not achieving or making a smooth transition from school
  • Senior students who align with the current Ministry of Education target groups and goals
  • Senior students for whom the course is part of their Vocational Pathway


Star Courses

How it works:

We apply for a place on a course for you but there are no guarantees you will get on.  If we have a long list of applicants we prioritise according to Ministry of Education STAR funding priorities.

Contact our Transition Administrator, Heather Naik, in the Careers Office for more information.