Gap Year

At the end of Year 13 lots of students consider taking a year off from study.  Here are some of the ‘pros and cons’ of a gap year:


  • you can take time to think about your next steps
  • you can earn some money to help cover fees
  • you can gain work experience
  • some programmes give opportunities for service and a chance to give back
  • you may be able to travel and explore the world


  • you start your tertiary study a year behind your classmates
  • on return, you may find it hard to settle to study and to pick up certain subjects
  • you may not save as much money as you intend

If you’re signing up for a gap year programme overseas, check out all the costs and charges involved.

Have a look at these websites to get an idea of different options available:



Camp America

International Working Holidays

Nannies Abroad

Student Exchange Australia New Zealand