Career Planning

Careers NZ Website Information – everything you ever wanted to know about yourself, your subjects, your interests and possible career directions.

If you click on  Careers NZ, it will take you directly to their site.  Another helpful new resource called Show My Pathway shows you the different subject choices that lead to vocational pathways. Download it to your smartphone or computer.

Career Outlook:  This indicates the likely income, fees and job prospects for young people entering the occupation. The dials have three possible settings. For income and fees, the settings are low, medium and high. For job prospects the settings are limited, fair and good.

Applying for a job:

All students who are seeking information on how to create an effective CV click on this link, then have a look at this information about job hunting.

Student job search:

If you intend to study at a tertiary institution in the next academic year, you can use this website to find holiday work