Year 13

Transition is Period 4 on Wednesdays

This is a compulsory programme for all Year 13s. We offer a diverse range of speakers. For you to get the most out of it, it requires you to keep an open mind about your future possibilities.

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Year 13 is divided into groups and each group rotates through the module programme. There are four x four lesson modules:

  • JJ – this programme offers insights into getting yourself motivated for study, fitness and making healthy lifestyles choices.
  • Kiwi Host Certificate – This is a certificate course taught by Kiwi Host. The course consists of workshops on customer service skills and pre-employment. On completion of the course students receive a Kiwi Host Certificate which can be invaluable when applying for jobs.
  • Food for Flatters – The aim of this module is to prepare you for eating well when you go flatting. You will cook a variety of healthy, economical and easy-to-prepare dishes.
  • Future Focus – This module works through some of the ‘need to knows’ for next year. The module covers: financial challenges (SavY), financing tertiary study (student loans, allowances, and scholarships), you and your community (Challenge 2000).
  • Mates & Dates – learn how to manage healthy relationships.

Tertiary Institutions:

In this part of the programme you will attend sessions provided by Universities and Polytechs. You owe it to yourself to build an understanding of what study options may be available to you. These sessions are a mix of getting you to think about what tertiary study requires and the programmes offered by each institution. Sessions are usually early in the year to help you make informed choices. Victoria University, Massey University, Otago University, Weltec and Whitirea all take a session. We base our selection of presentations on where ex-students study and whether the institution is local.

Future Possibilities:

These are menu sessions. We offer a selection of speakers from various Tertiary Institutions, gap year ideas etc.